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Interest in healthcare growing

   South Eastman Health is pleased with the growing number of residents that are stepping forward and joining the board’s community advisory councils.

   Monique Vielfaure McKenzie is pleased that board has added eighteen new members to the District Health Advisory Councils.

   “We have a really good mix of seniors, working class and even high school students participating,” stated Vielfaure McKenzie. “This mix will be very helpful in getting an accurate picture of what communities want.

   The Board of South Eastman Health relies on its community advisory committees because they are advocates at a community level.

   Members of District Health Advisory Councils (DHACs) provide advice to the Board on appropriate health-related actions and services for their district. As well, DHAC members help the Board communicate its policies and activities to their communities. They can even initiate local projects that will focus on informing the community and promoting health of the district or regional population.


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Selinger meets with southeast councils

Premier Greg Selinger and La Verendrye MLA Ron Lemiuex met with representatives from the Town of Ste. Anne, the RM of Ste. Anne, LUD of Richer and Richer Metis Local during a recent tour of the southeast.


By Marianne Curtis

   Premier Greg Selinger recently spent three days touring the southeast to personally meet with municipal leaders and organizations throughout the region.

   During this tour, the premier was thrilled to have the opportunity to put local faces to the various requests and recommendations that come through his office.

   “When I was finance minister I was in many of these communities so holding these meetings are very important for me,” stated Selinger. “It gives me a chance to hear first hand about their issues and how municipalities want to see them solved.”

   Selinger says that meeting with the different municipal councils and leaders from different community organizations is instrumental to ensuring that local concerns are understood at the provincial level.

   “They are the best people to identify their problems and concerns,” added Selinger. “It helps me learn about specific issues and it opens the dialogue that moves things forward.”

   Selinger added it is this dialogue that has helped his government become a big supporter of municipalities and town councils.

   “We have been very supportive to municipalities, that is why we increased municipal funding and put in the gas tax,” noted Selinger. “The more we stay in touch the more we can serve the people.”

   As part of his tour of the region, Selinger visited with the councils from the Town of Ste. Anne, Niverville, City of Steinbach and the RM’s of Tache, Ste. Anne and Ritchot.

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