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March 2016 – Celebrating 20 Years of Publishing!

March 2016

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Reynolds loses ambulance

The RM of Reynolds has lost its fight to keep the Reynolds Ambulance in operation.

According to council, Northeast Health Association is no longer training new ambulance personnel nor will they hire anyone who has not taken paramedic training. As a result, the RM of Reynolds Ambulance Service, which operates out of Hadashville will no longer be able to operate. `

The last two paramedic level staff at the facility ended their service to the community at the end of March.

North East Health Association has promised the RM of Reynolds service to residents in the municipality will not suffer as response time is well within the provincial standard of thirty minutes or less. The Province has also committed to permanent Lifeflight helicopter sercice to quickly transport patients in serious health situations.

“For less serious emergencies, you might want to give thought to your own “load and go” plan and arrange to meet an ambulance enroute,“ noted council.

The Reynolds Ambulance Service was established shortly after the health authorities were formed. Prior to amalgamation, the area was served through the Ste. Anne Health District and service was provided through Ste. Anne Ambulance Service.

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Reynolds establishes emergency response team

On May 17, the RM of Reynolds passed adopted their first emergency plan. The plan was established as a result of the provincial requirement that all municipalities develop a working emergency plan.

According to Marc Lavergne with the RM of Reynolds, the municipality now has a volunteer team charged with the responsibility of responding to an emeregency or disaster in the RM of Reynolds.

“Their aim is to ensure that the effects of an emergency or disaster on the RM of Reynolds and its inhabitants are minimized, the protection and preservation of health, property and environment – the restoration of essential services,“ stated Levergne.

It was noted that each municipality is impacted by a disaster in different ways. In 1996, 1997 and 1998 the RM of Reynold`s oversaw the implementation of flood protection resources. Any future disasters will fall under the jurisdiction of the Local Emergency Response Control Group (LERCG).  Members of the group consist of Phyllis Creedon, Elda Dolynchuk, Allan Kelly, Blanche Lavergne, Marc Lavergne and Gail Wasylnuk.

The RM of Reynolds new emergency plan will also assist the committee with dealing with grass and forest fires, dangerous goods spills and trail derailments.

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Councilor indemnities revealed


By Marianne Curtis

   In a few short weeks, voters will be going to the polls to elect new municipal representatives. Many perspective candidates have full times jobs and treat being a councilor as a part-time position or similar to volunteering on a committee.

   In some cases, councilors have quit their jobs and have dedicated much of their time to serving the ratepayers while collecting their indemnities and per diems which are paid out of taxpayer dollars.

   Earlier this year, the Canadian Taxpayers Federation (CTF) released data on the salaries and per diems of municipal councillors, mayors and reeves province-wide.  

   “People often wonder what their local reeve or councillor actually makes,” said CTF Director Colin Craig. 

   Given the large number of municipalities and the diversity of communities in the region it is impossible to determine who deservers how much. However, with this data taxpayers can compare their community’s pay levels with other communities and draw their own conclusions.

   Normally councilors decide how much a year they will collect in indemnities for the year when drawing up their budgets. Expenses and extras are billed separately and added to that amount. For example, in the Village of St. Pierre, councilors can collect up to $180 per day for conducting municipal business.

   Doug Cavers, CAO for the RM of Hanover pointed out that in many causes reeves, specifically Stan Toews is working 70% full time equivalent for Hanover, and individual councilors range from 25% to 40% time.

   So how much does it pay to be a municipal councilor?





number of councilors (including reeve)  


Hanover 11,871 7 $162,357.57
Tache 9,083 7 $196,563.65
Ritchot                           5,051 5 $143,674.36
Ste. Anne           4,509 7 $115,071.00
La Broquerie     3,659 7 $109,829.26
De Salaberry      3,349 7 $83,618.31
Piney 1,755 5 $36,318.75
Stuartburn 1,629 5 $46,230.00
Reynolds 1,410 8 $63,316.21
Cities and Towns      
Niverville 2,464 5 $52,734.60
Steinbach 11,066 8 $106,058.00
Ste. Anne     1,534 5 $40,700.00
St. Pierre   839 5 $41,104.21


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