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June 2016 – Celebrating 20 years of Publishing!

may 2016

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Mortars found in Ritchot


   The St. Pierre RCMP were called in to investigate a potentially dangerous find in the RM of Ritchot.

   On October 23, two teenagers walking along the Rat River in the RM of Ritchot found what appeared to be rockets.

   Police responded to the call and discovered two items which are believed to be mortar rounds used by the Canadian Armed Forces, said RCMP.

   The area was secured and the RCMP explosive disposal unit and Canadian Armed Forces explosive team was called to the scene. The mortars were removed and taken to Winnipeg where they were safely disposed of.

   Police do not know how the mortars got to the location nor if they were live or inactive explosives. For safety reasons all items such as mortars are treated as live and the two recovered shells will be destroyed at a later date.

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Facebook leads to arrests

   The Steinbach RCMP have arrested and charged to Richer adults after an investigation that was launched on Facebook.

   According to Steinbach RCMP Corporal Sean Grunewald, the RCMP began an investigation after police were provided with information that a man had made comments on Facebook about police on his property.

   “It was determined that this person was trying to buy guns through different websites,” explained Grunewald.

   Further investigation revealed that the suspect did not have a license to own firearms.

   Steinbach RCMP were able to obtain a warrant to entire the Richer home where six fire arms were seized. None of them were registered or properly stored. Police also found a small grow operation on the premises.

   Thirty seven year old Paul Fiola and sixty-two year old Gertrude Fiola were both arrested and taken into custody. They were charged with numerous firearm and drug charges.

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RCMP still investigating in La Broquerie

By Marianne Curtis

   The Steinbach RCMP are still investigating issues raised in the RM of La Broquerie.

   Steinbach RCMP Staff Sergeant Davy Lee has confirmed that his detachment is still investigating the hidden cameras installed throughout the municipal office, suspected gravel fraud and theft of the municipal gun.

   However he could not comment on the status of any of the files because they are still under investigation.

   The investigations were launched back in May at the request of the Department of Justice after damning allegations were made by former administrator Lori Wood to the Auditor General, Ombudsman and the province.

   The status of two other investigations seem have gotten lost in the shuffle. When asked if the RCMP is investigating alleged death threats against the office staff and an alleged assault of the municipal bylaw officer by a ratepayer, Lee admitted he had not heard of either file.

   While the RCMP don’t seem to know about the assault and the threats, ratepayers do.

   RM of La Broquerie resident Garry Poetker claims to have personally heard the death threats.

   “Councillor Ron Hamilton came to my house to discuss a matter and played me three voice mail messages,” Poetker claims. “In one, the ratepayer actually threatened to kill the staff, and in the other two he was threatening everyone.”

   Poetker says that he told Hamilton to take the voice mails to the police but was told that it was not necessary. Two days later, La Broquerie bylaw officer Tim Janes was allegedly assaulted by the same ratepayer over a culvert.

   “I was stunned when I heard that the bylaw officer was assaulted by that same person a few days later,” Poetker added. “When I asked the councilor about it, I was left with the impression that this person got what he wanted and council was afraid to stand up to him.”

    Janes would not speak on record about the assault other then to confirm that it did happen.  While Jane would not speak for fear of losing his job, former CAO Lori Wood stands behind her former staff member.

   “I have gone on the record to the RCMP about the death threats to the RCMP where I discussed the assault in detail and I was told the RCMP were going to pull Tim’s file and both were going to be investigated,” stated Wood. “I want to know why nothing has been done.”

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Dirt bike driver injured near Ste. Anne

 The driver of a dirt bike was in “very serious condition” after his bike and a car collided early Sunday morning on September long weekend.

   According to Steinbach RCMP the crash occurred at about 2:30 a.m. on September 7 on Hwy. 207, about one kilometre west of Ste. Anne, RCMP said.

   The eastbound car and westbound dirt bike collided on a dark, single-lane gravel road. The 22-year-old man driving the dirt bike and his 21-year-old female passenger were taken to Bethesda Hospital in Steinbach and later transported to Health Sciences Centre in Winnipeg.

   The dirt biker driver remains in “very serious condition” and his passenger was listed as stable, Steinbach RCMP Cpl. Sean Grunewald said.

   The 24-year-old man driving the car was uninjured and his 18-year-old male passenger sustained some minor facial cuts, police said.

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Sworn to serve and protect

The most recent graduating class of RCMP recruits parade at “Depot Division” in Regina before family and friends.




By Marianne Curtis

   In the middle of July, I got to do something that every Canadian should do – I witnessed the most recent class of RCMP cadets graduate from “Depot Division” in Regina.

   We see RCMP officers all the time – they are a regular fixture on our Canadian streets and highways. It is hard to imagine how the men and women we see every day started their career. What inspired them, or gave them motivation. 

   Most of us don’t know that many cadets did not see their families for six months before graduating. We don’t know that some officers left good jobs to become police officers because it was their dream or they wanted to make a difference. Others have generations of officers before them, whose legacy they are following. Many don’t know that these new officers even sacrifice the ability to ever work close to home, because they rarely get posted where they’ve spent all their life.

    I was reminded what a hero a RCMP officer is while waiting at the hotel. A little boy and girl from Winnipeg were talking to me about seeing the “officer in red” in the lobby earlier in the day. When I told them I knew the officer and that he was a brand new constable they were shocked and amazed.

   When he returned from his graduation banquet, I explained what happened and he told me to go see if they were still awake. The little girl was wide awake and couldn’t wait to have her picture taken with him. There was no way we could wake her little brother. What surprised me was that the next morning, my friend got dressed in full serge again and went back to meet the little boy before they checked out.

   When I asked my friend why he did that he replied “Because that is what I swore I would do. There is more to being a police officer then catching the bad guy and that is also to encourage children to follow their dreams no matter how old they are – look at me, I am 40 and a miner for twenty-years – now I am a constable.”  

   We should all be proud of these men and women and thank them. When they swore to serve and protect, they sacrificed many things and they continue to sacrifice as they strive to maintain a safe society for the rest of us.

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