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July 2016 – Celebrating 20 years of Publishing

July 2016

Managing Editor: Dan Guetre

News Writers: Marianne Curtis and Dan Guetre

Columnists: Lee Guetre, Peter Friesen, Anni Markmann, Peter Martins

Production and design: Dan Guetre, Myriam Dyck, and Monica Guetre

Advertising: Karen Jorgenson and Dan Guetre


Dan Guetre: Editor, publisher, owner



Marianne Curtis: journalist 



Karen Jorgenson, Sales 



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June 2016 – Celebrating 20 years of Publishing!

may 2016

Managing Editor: Dan Guetre

News Writers: Marianne Curtis and Dan Guetre

Columnists: Lee Guetre, Peter Friesen, Anni Markmann, Peter Martins

Production and design: Dan Guetre, Myriam Dyck, and Monica Guetre

Advertising: Karen Jorgenson and Dan Guetre


Dan Guetre: Editor, publisher, owner



Marianne Curtis: journalist 



Karen Jorgenson, Sales 


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Hundreds attend fundraiser for New Bothwell toddler

Jennifer and Clif Friesen from New Bothwell have not left Cash’s side since he was diagnosed with a fast growing brain tumour back in August. Over $33,000 was raised during a fundraiser on September 30 to help the young family of six during this time. 

By Marianne Curtis

When a young couple from New Bothwell took their two year old son to the doctor the last thing they expected to hear was that their baby had a brain tumor. Since then Jenn and Clif Friesen have not left their little boy Cash’s side.

After being diagnosed, Cash was taken into surgery and doctors were able to successfully remove ninety percent of the growth. The remaining mass is fast growing and chemotherapy treatments are underway with the hope of destroying the cancer.

Since then the toddler has been fighting back, despite an emergency surgery September 4 and is slowly returning to his old self.

On October 1, Cash will be admitted to begin his second round of chemotherapy.

“In the morning for Cash to be admitted for round 2 of chemo,” stated Jenn. “We have chosen a different plan then the previous – this one has no drugs that cause kidney damage like the last one did. The last thing I need is for him to endure another unnecessary surgery.”

Since Cash’s diagnosis the Friesen’s who have three other children, put their lives on hold to be close to their son. As a result, family and friends organized and hosted a fundraiser on September 30 to assist the family of five as they remain at their baby’s side while he goes through chemotherapy treatments.

“We are putting this fundraiser on to help Clif and Jen during this difficult time as they are unable to work. We are also looking at the long term when they go home with Cash and the medical expenses to follow,” say organizers Cindy Froese and Lisa Mehling-Bueckert.

Several hundred people came out to AD Penner Park to participate in an afternoon of live entertainment, bouncers, prizes and a fundraising supper.

“We are so overwhelmed by all the love and support we were shown today,” Jenn says gratefully. “So many times we were both brought to tears just by looking around and seeing the sea of people!”

Those wishing to contribute can still do so through a trust account set up at the Steinbach Credit Union. You can donate at either locations, in Steinbach or Winnipeg. The exact name of the Account is “The Cash Friesen Brain Cancer Trust Fund” or use the account #1101471267424.

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Drive away hunger hits region in support of local food banks

Dozens attended the South East Helping Hands Food Drive kick off on September 14. 


By Marianne Curtis

The South East Helping Hands Food Drive is well under way following the Palmlite Pie Eating Contest and the Farm Credit Canada BBQ recently.

On September 14, Farm Credit Corporation (FCC) in Steinbach hosted the Drive Away Hunger Kick off Barbeque and Palmlite hosted a pie eating contest.

According to Pam Desrochers from Farm Credit Canada, Steinbach the pie eating contest raised $4,885 and the barbeque raised $1,667. For every $1 raised during the drive, 2 lbs of food can be purchased for the food bank.

“We have raised ten’s of thousands of pounds of food for the area over the past few years and this year is shaping up to be another successful year with already over $6,500 raised,” stated Desrochers.

Desrochers says that while the two events have been successful, the group is looking forward to two more events which take place in October. On October 10 the Steinbach and area youth groups will be going door to door to ask for food donations. On October 11 the Farm Credit Corperation will be going to the schools that are participating in the Drive Away Hunger Campaign to pick up food and deliver it to the local food banks.

“The success of the food drive is largely attributed to the youth group and schools who participate each year so we would like to thank them in advance for all their assistance again this year,” added Desrochers.

There are two main locations where donations of cash or food can be dropped off. Donations can be left at either the FCC Office at 330 PTH #12 North or Southeast Helping Hands food bank on Main Street in Steinbach.

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Humane Society to host fundraiser


By Marianne Curtis

   The Steinbach Humane Society is hosting a fundraising social in mid-November so that the organization can continue to provide animal rescue services in the region.

   On November 13, the Steinbach Humane Society is hosting the “Who let the dogs out?” fundraising social at the La Broquerie Hotel. The one evening event is expected to raise money to assist the region’s only animal shelter.

   Lisa Beauchamp Rogal, Steinbach Humane Society president says that while the group is still keeping their eyes focused on a building for the organization, money raised at the event is going towards vet bills.

   “The plans for our future building are still a distant dream, but yes we are saving up slowly,” explained Beauchamp Rogal. “Our most pressing financial issue is our vet bill, but the building is second on our list.”

   The Steinbach Humane Society current operates on a foster home basis where animals found, rescued or relinquished stay until they find a new home. The group is still attempting to work with the City of Steinbach so that a permanent animal shelter can be open and operational.   

   “We are currently working with our city to try to take over the Animal Control Officer position, but the catch 22 is that we will need a building to house all the animals if we do,” added Beauchamp Rogal. “We only have until 2012 to get a building and our proposal in place for that so we’re working really hard.”

   Tickets for the “Who let the dogs out?” fundraising social are $10 and can be purchased at Pet Valu in Steinbach. There will also be a silent auction, lotto tree, 50/50 and other prizes.

   Meanwhile, the Steinbach Humane Society relies on people able to provide foster care for the animals that come through the system. Anyone interested in helping out in any way can contact the committee at 326-1274.

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Students play hockey for Breast Cancer


By Marianne Curtis

   October was officially breast cancer awareness month and the students in St. Pierre took to the streets for the cause.

   On October 21 the high school students from St. Pierre Collegiate took over Hebert Street and set up a makeshift rink for the 3rd annual “Best for the Breast” street hockey game. The annual event which was organized by students and teachers alike raised over $1,700 for the Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation. 

   Sandra Gratton, vice principal of St. Pierre Collegiate is very proud of her students and staff.

   “This would not have been possible with out all the hard work of the two
students, Cecilia and Destiny, who initiated the project as well as the
rest of the leadership class,” stated Gratton.

   Students and staff were challenged to see who could raise the most money and the top fourteen fundraisers earned the right to participate in the street hockey game which consisted of three intense matches. The fun did not end there.

   “Two rogue students started a campaign during the game to raise $125 to shave Mr. Thorvaldson’s head,” Gratton furthered. “In a last ditch effort Allan Main and Eric Gendron also volunteered to shave their eyebrows and legs to encourage more donations.”

   There was also a silent auction inside as well as hot chocolate and candy bars for sale, all as fundraisers.

   Gratton says the school is grateful to the community, businesses and the many people that donated money towards the cause which all helped make the event a big success.

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House raising fundraiser a modest success

The boys from Penner Auction volunteered their time and skills to conduct a full scale auction.

By Marianne Curtis

   The crowds may have been modest but the spirit and enthusiasm shown by volunteers, entertainment and various contributors made a fundraiser designed to help a family rebuild their home an event to remember.

   On September 11, the Hey Niki! We are gonna RAISE YOUR ROOF! fundraiser took place at the Friedensfield Hall and grounds. The one day event featured a full scale auction sale and two live concerts with performances by over a dozen local entertainers.

   Over the course of the day, spectators were treated to performances by Mitchell James, Jeremy Shaun, Isaiah 6, Uncle Sinner, Elton Plett, Fallen September, Silent Amber, Seahorse Roundabout, Second Regret, Split Crooked, Tyrants Demise and Dreadnaut who with the help of Poets Flight put on a show one would expect at the MTS Center.

   The entire proceeds from the fundraiser will go towards purchasing building supplies that will be used to help Niki Guerrero rebuild her Kleefeld home.

   Roxie Kehler with the help of other volunteers organized the event for her lifelong friend.

   “I could not sit by and watch this family try to put their lives back together without trying to help,” explained Kehler. “There is still a long way to go but we have a good start! It was unfortunate that there was not more in attendance however for those that made it out it was an awesome day!”

   “We want to extend a huge thank you to CT Loewen Building Center, Penner Auctions, the town of Kleefeld for their initial and ongoing support of the Guerrero family and the many businesses who donated to our public or silent auction , helped us to advertise or will help with the home building,” thanked Kehler.

   The total amount raised at the event was $5562.00 and more money has been pledged. A bonfire held on two weekends later raised another $385.

   A special thank you goes out the many musicians that came out and performed one hour sets for crowds that ranged from a handful to several dozen.

   Kehler hopes that more money will be raised over the next few months. A Steinbach building company has offered to help with building supplies and volunteers are stepping up to help build the home once materials are purchased.

   The family is relying on fundraising to rebuild the home because it was not insured at the time of the blaze. It was not until after the house was destroyed that Guerrero learned she was uninsured due to an alleged mix-up by her policy agent. Since then the single mother of four lost her home in a fire last year and has since been moving her family from one place to another while paying a mortgage on a vacant lot.

Split Crooked was one of a dozen bands and musicians that took to the stage to help raise money for the Guerrero family.

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Hospital fundraiser successful

   The Ste. Anne Hospital is pleased with the success of a recent online auction that was held to raise money for projects currently underway at the facility.

   The auction was held between August 3 and 13 and offered a vast array of items ranging from construction items such as doors and cabinets to excavation work and equipment rentals. The 23 items were valued at about $37,000 and the auction made an $11,000 profit.

   Helene d’Auteuil, a spokesperson with the Ste. Anne Hospital Fund, is pleased with the success of the auction.

   “We had a great response from donors and sponsors,” stated d’Auteuil.

   However, she added that next year the auction might take place earlier in the year so that bidders can have access to items like the building materials earlier in the construction season.

   The Ste. Anne Hospital Fund is trying to raise ten percent of a $14 million project that will see the development of two operating rooms, endoscopy suite, recovery room and a patient solarium lounge in the local hospital.

   Once the surgical suite is complete, the Ste. Anne Hospital will be able to offer full time operating services and alleviate some of the pressure on Bethesda Hospital’s surgical department.

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House raising fundraiser kicks into high gear

By Marianne Curtis

   It has been a busy month for organizers of a fundraiser taking place on September 11 that is expected to help a single mom rebuild her home.

   On September 11 the Hey Niki! We are gonna RAISE YOUR ROOF! fundraiser is taking place at the Friedensfeld Hall and grounds. The one day event features a full scale auction sale and two live concerts with performances by over a dozen local entertainers.

   The entire proceeds from the fundraiser will go towards purchasing building supplies to help Niki Guerrero, from Kleefeld, rebuild her home which was destroyed in a fire last year. Without insurance, the single parent of four, along with her children, has been left homeless for over a year.

   A local building company has generously offered to help with supplies and local volunteers in Kleefeld will be building the home once the materials are purchased. Guerrero admits that she is amazed with the response to the fundraiser which is being organized by a number of her friends.

   “I am not used to all this attention but it is nice to be able to believe that this might be over soon,” Guerrero referred to the stressful past year. “It has been a rough year but, I am learning that I live in a world full of amazing people.”

    Doors for the all day event open at 9:00 a.m. when the public is invited to drop off items for a full scale auction sale that will begin at 11:00. Several businesses from around the area have already donated large items like new appliances and furniture that will by auctioned off by Penner Auctions. Items are also being welcomed for a giant bake sale that will take place all day.

   The entire day will be packed with activities for young and old. There will be children’s face painting, food and tons of activities throughout the day.

   Besides the auction, a big portion of the proceeds will be raised from a variety of concerts. So far 13 bands from throughout the region have volunteered their talents for either an afternoon show or evening rock concert. During the afternoon half a dozen easy listening entertainers will take to the outdoor stage, including Mitchell James, Jeremy Shaun, Isaiah 6, Uncle Sinner, and Fallen September. For those seeking something heavier, local rock bands take to the stage starting at 7:00. Bands include Silent Amber, Seahorse Roundabout, Second Regret, Split Crooked, Tyrants Demise and Dreadnaut.

   Attending the event is free but tickets for the concerts are $25 for either or $40 for both. Children’s tickets are $10. They can be purchased at Ultimate Look in Steinbach. As a family event, no alcohol will be served.

   Organizers are also hoping for a number of volunteers to help with any of the day’s events. Those interested can email Roxie Kehler at kehlerox@mts.net or call 392-4607 for more information.

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Friends ban together for fundraiser

Brent Friesen watches as demolition crews clean up the family’s home after it was destroyed by fire last year leaving his mother and three siblings homeless. The home was uninsured.


By Marianne Curtis

   It has been a difficult year and a half for a single mother and her family after they lost their home in a fire last spring. However, thanks to her friends, the family has renewed hope that their lives will once again be restored.

   On September 11, a special fundraiser is taking place at the Friedensfeld Hall that is expected to raise money to help raise the roof of a new home for Niki Guerrero and her children. The event is being held to raise money to help replace the Guerrero’s Kleefeld home which was destroyed by fire.  

   During spring break 2009, Guerrero was home alone when she was woken up from a nap by the smoke alarm. Finding her home full of smoke, she grabbed her pets and called 911. Investigation revealed that the fire was caused by a space heater in the home.

   Since then, things have been a mess for the single mother of four. At the time of the fire, recently separated Guerrero was in the process of changing insurance companies so the home was not insured when the fire took place. Without insurance the family can not rebuild nor do they have a place to live.

  “So many people have asked why I don’t give up and walk away or claim bankruptcy,” stated Guerrero. “I love my town; loved my home; I love my yard and basically my life there. It’s where we belong and really I will hang on as long as I can or as long as it takes to make our home there again – I am also having difficulty (obviously) with financing.”

   Guerrero says that despite the strain on her life and her family, she is extremely grateful to her family, church and community for all their help since the blaze.

   “My brother took us in for about a week and in the meantime the town found us a rental and the church paid the rent for 3 months so my son could complete school in Kleefeld,” Guerrero gratefully explained. After that the family stayed with a friend for a few months before deciding to move in with her parents while the rebuild is being planned. “This whole thing has put a strain on my kids and I, along with relationships with my extended family”

   Roxie Kehler, a close friend of the family decided that a fundraiser was needed to help the family return their lives back to normal. In response, she is planning the “Hey Niki!!! We’re gonna RAISE YOUR ROOF!!!” event.

   “We have a local building supply store that has offered to help us with the purchase of materials to build the house,” explained Kehler. “All proceeds from the fundraiser will be put into an account at the store to be used to buy building materials and the home will be built by volunteers in Kleefeld.”

   To ensure the success of the event, many things are needed including volunteers. The group is looking for an auctioneer, and about six bands or entertainers that would be willing to volunteer their time to help keep crowds entertained during the all day event.

   The event will kick off on September 11 at the Friedensfeld Hall starting at 9AM when the public is invited to drop off items for an auction sale that will start at 11 AM. Many free activities will take place throughout the day but tickets are needed to attend the concerts.

   Donations of left over building materials to help with the rebuild will also be gratefully accepted. Anyone wishing to get involved by volunteering to play at the concert, buy tickets or donate can contact kehlerox@mts.net or call 392-4607.

A fundraiser is being planned to help Niki Guerrero and her children rebuild their home in Kleefeld.

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Tourney boosts funds for Sprague Housing

At the golf tournament, Tom Hebel Branch Manager for Community Credit Union presents a cheque for $5,000 to Elsa Laing East Borderland Community Housing Chairperson.

By Marianne Curtis

   Over eighty golfers showed up in Buffalo Point to participate in the 4th Annual East Borderland and Community Housing Golf Tournament which took place on June 12.

   Elsie Lang, chairperson for the East Borderland Community Housing project is pleased with the response to the recent fundraising golf tournament that took place on behalf of the facility.

   “We are very pleased,” stated Lang. “We had some rain for a few hours but it didn’t take anyone off the course.”

   Through the tournament approximately $9,000 was raised at the event.

   The East Borderland Community Housing committee has been actively fundraising for seniors housing to be attached to the current primary health care center located along Highway #12 in Sprague.

   The entire project is composed of 12 personal care beds, 8 supportive units and 15 elderly person’s housing units. East Borderland Community Housing Inc. has taken responsibility for funding, constructing, and operating the Elderly Person’ Housing (EPH). The EPH part of the project is estimated to cost approximately $2.2 million.

   “This brings our fundraising total to about $300,000,” added Lang. She admits that it has taken five years of hard work to get this money and there is still no spades in the ground.

   “We hoped to be building by now and we had projected that it would take four to five years minimum to get things going,” explained Lang. “It is hard to be clear on a time frame and we expect something within the next year.”

   She says that her group has been told that Manitoba Health is not committing to new projects at this time but the need is escalating within the region again.

   “The waiting lists are starting to lengthen again and so some decisions need to be made but we are one of many looking for care beds in the region and we can not be forgotten.”

   She added that East Borderland Community Housing is also working with Manitoba Housing to get support for the housing units and expect that something will be finalized soon.

   “Some of us are getting a bit fatigued but it is the need that surrounds us that gives us the drive to keep going,” Lang concluded.

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Music students support burn fund

By Marianne Curtis

   Students participating in Music for Young Children have successfully collected enough pennies to raise $4,916 for the Fire Fighters Burn Fund in Manitoba.

   According to Marilyn Unrau, Coordinator for Manitoba/NW Ontario, the group of students that participate in the program took part in “Pennies for Practicing”. The Burn Fund – which focuses on burn prevention and education, as well as improving the quality of life for burn survivors – was chosen as the recipient because of the character “Fireman Fred”, the name given to represent the F key on the piano.

   “This international event was held throughout North American in honor of the program’s 30th anniversary,” explained Unrau.

   The organization chose to celebrate this milestone with a fundraising campaign, with proceeds going to the Burn Fund, added Unrau.  They named their campaign “pennies for practicing”.

   To raise the money, sponsors were sought and asked to pay the student one penny for every minute of practicing done over a period of four weeks.  In many cases the teachers matched the funds raised by the students. 

   Music for Young Children is a program that teaches small groups of adults and children music skills and includes piano instruction, singing, rhythm ensembles, sight reading, ear training, theory and composition. 

   In addition, this year $3,294 was also raised and donated to the Mennonite Central Committee (Haiti Relief Fund) & Canada for Haiti by Manitoba and Northwestern Ontario MYC students.

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