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June 2016 – Celebrating 20 years of Publishing!

may 2016

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Tender awarded SRSS expansion project

By Marianne Curtis

PennCo Construction, from Steinach has been awarded the tender to build a major 105,000-square-foot expansion to the region’s largest high school.

The new construction, along with renovations to the existing SRSS and the existing high school, will be reconfigured as the SRSS campus. The newly constructed with be a foundation academy for grades 9 and 10 and the existing SRSS facility will become a specialized academy for grades 11 and 12.

The new school will be approximately 92,400 square feet, will accommodate 675 students and will be located adjacent to the existing SteinbachRegionalSecondary School.  Along with new classrooms, the new high school will include band and choral, wood manufacturing, cosmetology and human ecology rooms with a daycare with space for 20 infants and 54 preschool children, the minister said.

PennCo has also been selected to add over 10,100 square feet of vocational space and upgrade 2,500 square feet of previously renovated space at SteinbachRegionalSecondary School.  The addition and renovation will include a new welding and power mechanics shop to help address the growing demands for vocational education.

These projects are expected to be completed by the fall of 2014.





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Construction starts on Ile Des Chenes condos

Construction on the first of seven 2-story condominiums on the west side of Ile des Chenes began earlier in July. 

By Marianne Curtis

The community of Ile Des Chenes is seeing some major construction boom over the construction has being on three major apartment projects and a strip mall on the west side of town.

During July construction began on a project proposed by Josh Friesen. The major housing project consists of the construction of 112 condominium units. Located on the south side of Le Claire Road, once complete the project will consist of 7 2-story buildings. Each building with contain 16 units each.

“We are very pleased with the growth we’ve been seeing in Ile des Chenes,” stated RM of Ritchot reeve Bob Stefaniuk.

On the opposite side of the road and additional 60 townhouses and 60 multifamily condominiums are expected to be constructed within the next few years.

“This growth is good for the community,” Stefaniuk added. “As more people move in there will be a greater demand for services and this is good for the community as a whole.”

In addition to the new construction project, the new $5 million project that will see 23 – 1200 square foot two story condominiums constructed along Main Street in Ile Des Chenes will be ready for occupancy in the next few months.

The RM of Ritchot council remains optimistic that with the close proximity to Winnipeg, commuters will see the appeal to moving to Ile Des Chenes.



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St. Adolphe bridge on schedule

By Marianne Curtis

   Residents that normally use the only bridge spanning the Red River in St. Adolphe on a regular basis can be assured that reconstruction of the failed structure is right on schedule.

   Ron Lemieux, MLA for La Verendrye says that as of the end of July the reconstruction of the Pierre Delorme Bridge is proceeding as planned and the project is expected to be completed by the end of the year.

   “There was concerns about spring flooding but this issue was addressed in the (construction) contract and a two month window was allowed for flooding,” explained Lemieux. “They didn’t end up flooding but with all the rain we had a bunch of water delay construction by about six weeks.”

    However, construction is “on track and on time” and by the New Year “residents will have a new bridge,” says Lemieux.

   Earlier this year, the province fast tracked the $15 million reconstruction on the bridge so that the project will be completed within this year. The project went to tender in January and construction began this spring.

   “I understand that it is a great inconvenience for residents but we have never had a bridge fail like this before – it was no one’s fault and we were taken by surprise,” added Lemieux. “We want to make sure this major artery is reopened as soon as possible but we had to design it and find the funding for it right away to make this project work – we have never had to build a bridge like this in under a year before.”

   The bridge which serves as St. Adolphe’s only access to Highway #75 has been closed since August 2009. The Department of Highways closed the structure then partially dismantled after it starting to slip off one of the piers.

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De Salaberry sees building boom

By Marianne Curtis

   The RM of De Salaberry is seeing a significant building boom with double the amount of building permits issued over last year.

   According to the municipality, 80 building permits valued at almost $3.8 million have been issued in the last six months This number is nearly double last year’s entire years worth of 43 permits issued valued at $2.5 million.

   Lesley Gaudry the municipality’s Economic Development Officer says that permits include houses, garages and other structures.

   “The majority of the growth (about sixty percent) is occurring in the southern portion of the municipality around the St. Malo area,” states Gaudry. “Smaller pockets of development are occurring in the Otterburne region.”

   Gaudry feels that the reason why growth is being seen at such levels in the municipality is because it is being recognizes as being located within a great region.

   “We are in close proximity to the capital region as well as having two gems in our community – the St. Malo Provincial Park and the warm hospitality offered by local residents,” says Gaudry. “Many seasonal campers and cottagers enjoy the quality of life this region has to offer which translate to some of them choosing to make this municipality their permanent home.”

   Reeve Ron Musick added that he believes that the municipality is attractive for residents because they have access to various services and taxes are reasonable.

   The municipality plans on encouraging further growth by holding a “Housing Survery” which will be sent out over the summer followed by an open forum in October. The information gathered through the survey will be given to the Economic Development Officer and used to bring together local businesses and leaders together to discuss issues to housing and trends.

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Construction kicks off with sod-turning

Construction of a new community center in Ile Des Chenes can begin now that the sod has officially been turned.

By Marianne Curtis

   Construction of a new community center in Ile Des Chenes kicked off on July 2 with an official sod turning.

   Vic Toews, MP for Provencher along with Ritchot Mayor Bob Stefaniuk, councilor Maurice Leclaire, Clint Masse from the Community Development Corporation and Paul Grenier from CDEM were all on hand for the sod turning.

   The Community Centre is expected to bring much needed services to the community and will also create employment opportunities. The new center will include a hall with a capacity for banquets of 500 people. The hall will be rented for weddings, socials, trade shows and other events.

   The Centre will also include a bilingual public daycare for 94 children and have office rental space, with a focus on bringing medical services to the community and surrounding area such as a medical doctor, pharmacy, dentist, and physiotherapist.

   This project has been made possible with the support of federal funding through the Community Adjustment Fund and the Rural Municipality of Ritchot. The funding received from the Federal Community Adjustment Fund of $2.77 million will be used to assist in the construction which is estimated to cost about $ 4.27 million.

   “When we put money into this type of project it will be here for decades to come,” stated Toews. “The American government is giving stimulus funds to communities but it is going towards operating funds – projects like this will benefit the community this year and future decades.”

   Masse says that his organization is pleased that the CDC’s vision is coming to a reality.

   “We’ve been putting the community’s vision together for the past two years,” stated Masse. “Now we are putting together a building that will be made of bricks and mortar but it will be up to the community to make this a living building.”

    The Centre will be a LEED Silver building, including many energy efficient components such as geo-thermal. This district heating system is one of the first in Manitoba and will include the IDC Arena and the RM of Ritchot Fire Hall.

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