About the Author

With a pen in her hand and a camera hanging around her neck, Marianne Curtis has written thousands of articles for the Dawson Trail Dispatch since 1997. But it’s not only the quantity that counts, it’s the quality of Marianne’s freelance work that stands out. Whether covering politics, community events or sports for the free, monthly newspaper distributed to 52 unique southeastern Manitoba communities, Marianne has built a reputation for accuracy and shown a passion for making a difference in people’s lives.

In 2012, she took this took a new level, with the launch of a memoir, the heartbreaking Finding Gloria.  Her inaugural novel offers hope and inspiration for others as Marianne reveals raw, honest details about the mental and physical abuse she suffered as a child and teenager and how she eventually found love, healing and peace.

A former ambulance attendant and health-care aide, she volunteers mentoring new writers, being a reading tutor for elementary school students and speaking to foster parents, students and teachers about bullying, mental-health issues, social injustice and child abuse. She also volunteers for fun stuff like community events and seminars.

In May 2013, Marianne was recognized as a Women of Distinction nominee in the category of Public Awareness and Communications for her work as a freelance journalist and author.  Locally, she was named “Favourite Journalist” in The Carillon‘s (a competitor newspaper) annual Southeast Manitoba Readers Choice Awards in 2015, and 2016.


In August 2014, Marianne added publisher to her resume under the name of Emerald Publications. As part of a re-branding effort, the name was changed to Oak Island Publications. Her expertise includes marketing, layout and design. January 2018 saw services expand again to include print layout and design such as flyers, brochures, business cards and other items.

With a vast network in all walks of life, Marianne believes that there is more than enough for everyone, but we cannot grow without networking. She welcomes opportunities to connect people with others, or goods and services; feel free to contact us!

Reporter honored by cadets

In June 2009, Marianne Curtis was honored by the 330 Royal Canadian Sea Cadet Corps Dawson in Lorette for 10 years of covering the troupes activities and parades. She was invited to inspect the troupes at their annual parade and presented a plaque by Lieutenant (Navy) Denis Côté.