About the Writer

Since the fall of 1997, Marianne Curtis has been writing for the Dawson Trail Dispatch. She has since published over 6,000 articles in the monthly newspaper.

While she prefers investigative pieces, Ms. Curtis does not limit her expertise. Over the years she has covered hardcore news, political issues, public interest groups, community events, sports and entertainment. She also does her own photography.

In the past decade, Marianne has become well known for her fair and unbiased approach to news coverage. She has gained a reputation as someone that is very easy to approach and talk to both on the streets and various levels of Government. This has opened the doors to many exclusives that other media would not even consider as “newsworthy”.

“What keeps me going is when I make a real difference in people’s lives.” states Ms. Curtis. “I will never forget how an article I wrote about a little girl who needed a heart transplant inspired an entire school to collect useless pennies to help the family travel to another province for the baby’s treatment – they raised over $6,000 in pennies in a matter of days!”

This is just one example of many.

While the Dawson Trail Dispatch remains her main focus, she is also writing her memoirs. “Finding Gloria” is currently being prepared for print and is expected to be available in bookstores, Amazon.com and Kindle by the end of the year.

When Marianne is not writing for the newspaper, she enjoys spending time with her family, gardening and with her many friends.

Reporter honored by cadets

In June 2009, Marianne Curtis was honored by the 330 Royal Canadian Sea Cadet Corps Dawson in Lorette for 10 years of covering the troupes activities and parades. She was invited to inspect the troupes at their annual parade and presented a plaque by Lieutenant (Navy) Denis Côté.


6 responses to “About the Writer

  1. Robert Sarrasin

    I am not entirely sure where to send this info but if youcould please forward it to the right person. I would like this added to the Town of Ste-Anne info.

    The town of Ste-Anne in conjunction with the CCSA have once againdecided to hold its’ annual snow sculpture competition this winter. If anyone residing in the town of Ste-Annewould like to book a block of snow for sculpting, please contact the Townoffice at 422-5293. The sculptures mustbe completed by February 1st 2012 and the judges will be goingaround the town on February 5th, 2012.

    Thank you,

    Robert Sarrasin


  2. Ingrid

    Does Marianne Curtis have an e-mail address?

  3. Hi Marianne,
    We would love to have you at the library again! Call me please or e-mail me to schedule a ‘dessert night/ author reading’ if you’d like.

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