St. Pierre looking into lagoon issues

The Village of St. Pierre is asking for help from local residents to ensure the village’s lagoon will continue to meet the needs of community until a suitable solution is found.

According to council, the community has seen a 31% growth rate over the last few years. While this is a good problem to have, the community’s lagoon is reaching capacity.

“There is a risk of it overflowing when we have heavy rains or a large spring thaw,” stated council. Stringent environmental rules have tied the Village’s hands when it comes to emergency discharges onto adjacent property.

“The only solution at this point is to truck the excess to a neighbouring lagoon at a minimum cost of $5,000 per day,” confirmed council.

To prevent this cost from incurring, the Village has asked residents to help by diverting ground water away from the sewer system. Residents with sump pits are encouraged to pump the water into their own back yard or ditch.

Ratepayers without sump-pits can contact the Village and request an inspection. The inspector will work with residents to find the best possible solution for their particular situation.

The Village of St. Pierre council is investigating affordable and long-term solutions but says it is too premature to say what direction they are going.

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