From practicum to business owners

st. pierre pharmacyColin and Yvette Lafrenière, a husband and wife team of pharmacists are the new owners of the St. Pierre Pharmacy. 

By Marianne Curtis

   What started out as a practical rotation has turned into a new business venture for a young husband and wife team of pharmacists. Just over a month ago, Colin and Yvette Lafrenière took over the business from the previous owners who owned and operated the pharmacy for thirty years.

   The couple, who recently graduated from the University of Manitoba say they’ve felt very welcomed since they moved to the community in August.

   “St. Pierre has been home since only August, but I must say, my wife, Yvette, and I could not have pictured a better welcome to the com-munity of St Pierre,” stated Lafrenière. “After purchasing St. Pierre Pharmacy and becoming business it has been truly heart warming to hear all the kind words and well wishes that have been passed on. It did not take long for it to feel like home.”

   He added that he is extremely grateful for the help they’ve received from the previous owners, Real and Francine Mullaire.

   “We are taking the responsibility of continuing their 30 years of committed patient care,” Lafreniere continued. “Although a large task, we are eager to continue the services that Réal and Francine have provided over the last 30 years and hope to evolve as the needs of the community change.”

   Lafrenière says he fell in love with the business and community while doing a practical rotation in the facility as a student.

   “After spending a single week as part of the university requirements, I knew that St Pierre Pharmacy possessed many of the attributes that I would look for when the time would come to start job hunting,” Lafrenière explained. “This led to a part time position while I was completing my pharmacy studies. And finally, a full time position once graduation and board certification was completed.

   His wife Yvette worked at St. Boniface Hospital as a pharmacy student and took a full time pharmacist position shortly after graduation; however, returning to rural Manitoba lifestyle has always been part of the couple’s plans and they were excited at the opportunity of owning and operating a business together.

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