Construction begins at region’s largest high school

   Construction of a 105,000 square foot expansion of the region’s largest high school began in November. The two year project will see the construction of a major addition that will house grade 9 and 10 students along with a vocational classroom area.

   Ken Klassen, Hanover SD Superintendant says that construction is in the early stages.

   “The construction site is being set up so that it is safe; there will be major modifications to the front of the school and there will be a new fire lane off Mckenzie Avenue,” Klassen explained. A turnaround is also being added in front of the school for parents dropping off students. “That will allow workers to completely fence off the construction area.”

   PennCo Construction started prepping the site in November. Piles were dug on the east side of the school where the labs are being expanded, as well as on the west side where the new school is being added. To ensure student safety during the project the division has three safety personnel onsite to ensure that traffic and students remain safe during the construction period.

   “We are putting everything in place to make this a safe venture,” Klassen added.

   Klassen noted that it will be several months before residents could see any structural changes however crews will be replacing the roof during the winter.

   The new construction will reconfigure the SRSS campus. The newly constructed addition will   be a foundation academy for grades 9 and 10 and the existing SRSS facility will become a specialized academy for grades 11 and 12.

   The new school will be approximately 92,400 square feet, accommodate 675 students and will be located adjacent to the existing Steinbach Regional Secondary School.  Along with classrooms, the addition will band and choral, wood manufacturing, cosmetology and human ecology rooms with a daycare with space for 20 infants and 54 preschool children.

   A fall 2014 completion day is expected.

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