St. Pierre shuts door on sewer connections

The Village of St. Pierre says the community’s lagoon is reaching capacity and as a result they have been forced to deny some hook-ups to the community sewage system.

According to council, the Village of St-Pierre-Jolys has seen a thirty-one percent population increase in the last two years which has resulted in infrastructure challenges. More specifically, the community’s lagoon is reaching capacity.

“Manitoba Conservation has advised the Village of St-Pierre-Jolys that they will not grant – for any reason – ANY emergency discharges from their lagoon, and have subsequently requested that the Village develop an acceptable contingency plan,” stated council. “The engineered study that was just conducted identified that at this time the present lagoon’s hydraulic capacity needs to be increased to accommodate any further sub-divisions.”

While council is looking towards improving the community’s lagoon capacity, it has had to shut down new connections to the town’s sewage system.

“At this time the current existing capacity of the lagoon if any, be reserved for expansion within the town limits,” added council.

An application on behalf of St. Pierre Lumber to hookup to the town sewer system was denied at the beginning of October. The business is located on the north side of St. Pierre.


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