Recycling drops in Piney

Earlier this year, the RM of Piney charged their dump policies and installed recycling sheds throughout the municipality to encourage ratepayers to recycle more.

Since the municipal wide push to recycle kicked off back in April, the municipality is reporting a decrease in the amount of material collected.

In July, the RM of Piney received 11,506 kgs of recyclable goods.

“We noticed a significant decline in recycling in the months of August and September of 2012, with amounts of 9,831.5 kg’s in August and dropping even further to 8,020.2 kg’s in September 2012,” confirmed council. “We want to remind everyone within the municipality to take advantage of the recycling sheds within the area.”

The RM of Piney council is also reminding residents that the recycling sends within the municipality are strictly for recyclable items.

“Household garbage is being dropped off in many of the recycling sheds,” council added. “The municipality will be forced to remove the recycling sheds from the area if individuals cannot respect and abide by the purpose of the recycling sheds and how helpful they have been to our community. “

While financial figures are unavailable for 2012, the municipality is getting some money back through the municipal wide recycling program. Last year the municipality earned $25,500 from resale of the goods, which was $12,000 more than the previous year.

“Recycling saves the environment and our tax dollar,” council noted.



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