Stuartburn seeks fire compensation

The RM of Stuartburn is hoping the province will come up with a financial program to assist victims of wild fires this past spring.

By way of resolution, the municipality is hoping the province will consider expanding funding through the Manitoba Disaster Financial Assistance Program. Council wants the program to provide compensation for costs incurred during this past springs forest fires to both the municipality and residents.

The RM of Stuartburn has formally requested that the Manitoba Emergency Measures assist the municipality with compensation related to fire fighting efforts. They also want funding made available to private individuals with compensation due to loss of structures and fencing.

In May, the RM of Stuartburn declared a state of local emergency was been called due a 4,100 hectare blaze.

The RM’s of Piney and La Broquerie were also forced to declare emergency situations after wild fires raged through the area. In the RM of Piney a fire near Badger consumed approximately 5,300 hectares (53 square kilometres) in property.


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