Marchand bottling plant reopens

After being closed for over six months, the Canadian Gold Beverages company in Marchand has reopened under new ownership. 

By Marianne Curtis

After closing it’s doors six months ago, the bottled water plant west of Marchand has reopened for business under new ownership.

The new owner of Canadian Gold Beverages is Pieter de Jong, a farmer from the La Broquerie area. He says that he took on the business venture because he was looking for a new challenge.

“My children are getting bigger and there is certainly a business opportunity there,” stated de Jong. Now that he has reopened the plant he plans on refocusing the company and bringing it back to local shelves.

“We want to focus on local supplies again and go back to the small communities and small store owners to see if they want to put our water on the shelves again like twenty-years ago,” de Jong continued. “I think the previous owners forgot the best support you can have for your plant and product is the local market.”

Despite new company ownership, the product provided by Canadian Gold Beverages will remain similar to what was offered before the company closed it’s doors. The company offers a number of water products including sparkling water and organically flavoured water. The company also does private labelling.

De Jong notes that he is already pounding the pavement looking to bring his product back to the local shelves. He will be going go door to door to businesses across southern Manitoba and in the Kenora area to bring the product back to the consumer.

Canadian Gold Beverages already has a credible track record. Drawn from wells located on the property the water was marketed as “crystal clear artesian” water. As a result it was named the world’s best tasting water at the annual Berkeley Springs International Water Tasting Competition two years in a row. In 2009 it took a gold medal and in 2012, it won a silver medal.

The reopening of Canadian Gold Beverages will provide employment for up to five people.



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