Karate comes to Ste. Genevieve

Shona McCormick is looking forward to offering an alternative activity for people of all ages after opening a karate school in the Ste. Genevieve Community Centre. 

By Marianne Curtis

Children and adults alike from Ste. Genevieve and area have a new recreational activity now that a karate club has set up shop in the local community centre.

On October 1, the first International Meibukan Gojyu Karate class takes place at the Ste. Genevieve Community Centre. Organized by Shona McCormick the classes are aimed at student’s ages 5 years and up, including adults.

The mother of five, who also teaches a similar class in Teulon says she started the club for several reasons.

“We have lived in the community for several years and I thought that giving rural children an opportunity to learn something that will not only benefit their physical health but also their mental health and well being and help parents with enhancement of self discipline and self confidence,” McCormick explained. “I also thought this is something that a lot of rural children miss out on the opportunity to do.”

She added that she has seen hundred of children over the past fifteen years receive benefits from having been trained in karate, including her own son.

“I have been training in Gojyu karate for almost 15 years and for most of those years (even before I was a black belt) I have taught children and in the later years have assisted in the teaching and coaching of adults,” explained McCormick. “I find that as adults training in a sport, one way to enhance your training is to teach children. Children ask a lot of questions and this ensures that you are taking time to think on what you are asking them to do to ensure that you are teaching them correctly. This also enhances your own training as now you start to think about how you are doing things.”

Meibukan Gojyu Ryu Karate is an art and a way of life, she added. “It is for everyone, not just children – even adults and seniors can participate.”

Registration is ongoing for children and youth ages 5 – 12 and adults ages 13 and up. Classes take place Monday and Thursday nights starting at 6PM for ages 5-8; 7PM for 9-12 year olds and 8PM for 13 years of age and up.

For more information call 204-422-9666 or 204-451-0824.

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