Hanover signs agreement with Steinbach

Steinbach Mayor Chris Goertzen and Hanover reeve Stan Toews sign historical land agreement. 

By Marianne Curtis

Councils for both the R. M. of Hanover and the City of Steinbach have given formal approval to an annexation agreement for 73.94 acres along McKenzie Avenue West. The historic agreement lays out the framework for an unprecedented level of cooperation between the two jurisdictions.

Steinbach Mayor Chris Goertzen explained that the agreement was reached though a logical process and orderly process.

“This historic agreement between the R. M. of Hanover and the City of Steinbach is a great example of how neighboring municipalities can work together for the good of the region,” said Goertzen. “These types of agreements, though often difficult to achieve, are key to the success of the southeast region and its economy. Both the City and Hanover will benefit from this historic agreement.”
The proposed land for annexation, which currently belongs to Hanover, is situated along McKenzie Avenue West, south of Steinbach’s Parkhill subdivision and west of the Meadows subdivision.
Hanover reeve Stan Toews added the land deal will benefit both the municipality and the city.
“Reaching an amicable agreement on land annexation is an accomplishment of which both our councils can be very proud,” said Toews. “Our region is stronger when we work together to plan for and manage our future growth.”
The annexation will allow the City of Steinbach to address the current shortage of land for urban development within its boundaries. The RM of Hanover will receive 1% of the gross municipal taxes, less local improvements on the lands being annexed commencing the year after the land is subdivided and continuing for 16 years.
The proposed agreement will now be forwarded to the Province for approval.  This is only the sixth annexation to take place in Steinbach since its incorporation in 1947. The last one happened in 1979.




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