Goertzen pleased with Pallister’s election

Steinbach MLA Kelvin Goertzen is pleased that his government can get back to business now that Brian Pallister has officially been named as the new progressive conservative leader.

“I am very pleased with the results,” stated Goertzen who campaigned with Pallister over the summer. “He will now be able to do a number of things in terms of the roles MLA’s play within the legislature and move forward with a number of issues.”

Goertzen adds that he feels Pallister’s election means that supporters are looking to bring change to the province.

“There are always stages that you go through after an election loss and a change of leadership,” he continued. “I think we’ve gone through the most difficult stages and there is a lot of optimism as we look forward.”

Pallister recently complimented Goertzen for his hard work in the community and changed his portfolio from Justice Critic to Education Critic.

“He has done a tremendous job with his assignments and I think everyone respects and knows how hard he works at his job,” Pallister stated. “I believe he could well be the best education critic this province has ever seen and more.”

Goertzen says he likes being the new Education Critic.

“It’s a big change for me – I was the justice critic for seven years,” Goertzen noted. “I think there are a lot of positive things happening in our schools and a lot of things that could be happening in the future.”

In addition to being the new education critic, Goertzen is also the House Leader.


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