Enrolment numbers rise in southeas


By Marianne Curtis

Students returned to classes a few weeks ago and enrolment numbers are showing an increase in student population.

In the Seine River School Division, Superintendent Mike Borgfjord says that even though the official numbers are not in, the schools are seeing an increase in enrolment.

“We anticipate our growth to be about fifty to one hundred students more than last year which is a good sign for us,” stated Borgfjord. “Fortunately we are able to accommodate our growth without additional staffing pressures.”

He noted that schools in St. Adolphe, Lorette Immersion and Richer have seen the most increase. Seine River School Division anticipated a final student population of about 3,900 students throughout the entire division.

While the Seine River School Division has enough teachers, the Hanover School Division was forced to hire more teachers within the first two weeks of school.

“There are more students than expected in several communities,” stated Superintendent Ken Klassen. Schools in Mitchell, Steinbach and Niverville showed strong growth and additional teachers are needed.

At the beginning of the school year, Hanover anticipated about 7,500 students. On the first day of classes well over 7,700 students showed up.

Klassen anticipates the division will continue to grow as the school year started with almost 150 more students entering kindergarten than grade 12.

“That’s guaranteed growth each year,” Klassen said.

Even the local colleges are seeing an increase in student enrolment. ProvidenceCollege and SeminarySchool recently announced that enrolment numbers are up eleven percent from last year. This includes a 25 percent increase in new enrolments.

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