Amazing Race takes over Steinbach

The Grumpy Bears was the first team to cross the finish line during the first ever Amazing Race: Steinbach Edition.

By Marianne Curtis

The recent success of a new community game has organizers thinking they might have stumbled onto something.

On September 8, twelve teams of four people gathered to compete in the first ever Amazing Race: Steinbach Edition. Organized by the Creative Youth Council, headed up by Alicia Loewen the event was planned by a committee of young people ages 16-30.

Loewen says the idea came to the committee after the Summer in the City.

“We brainstormed a bunch of ideas for challenges, then chose businesses that these could take place at,” Loewen explained. “We sent out ten letters to ten businesses asking if they wanted to partner with us for this event. We received ten responses all the same-Yes!”

After two months of planning, the Creative Youth Council had finalized the challenges for the anticipated Amazing Race: Steinbach Edition. Loewen says that some of the challenges included having teams locate a car on a parking lot with the clue in the windshield, find a lady dressed in Mennonite costume in the gallery of the museum and put water wings and goggles on for a challenge at Urban Life.

“We also chose to have some challenges that gave back to the community such as purchasing a non-perishable food item from Sobey’s to donate to South-East Helping Hands, and picking up a rose from Heier Designs Florist and delivering it to a senior at Woodhaven Manor,” Loewen continued.

The Race included Detours- where teams chose between two tasks to complete for their next clue.  They also had to find Waldo for the “Where’s Waldo?!” challenge. Waldo was walking around main street in his red and white striped shirt.

Loewen says they planned for everything but were still surprised when the first team arrived at the final pit stop half an hour before they were expected.

“They sprinted across the grass and celebrated on the final pit stop mat waiting for them on the big hill,” Loewen recalled “They were the first team to arrive and clocked in at one hour and fourteen minutes!”  The Grumpy Bears were declared the winner and earned a $400 grand prize put together with donations from area businesses.

Loewen says the Creative Youth Council is already looking at doing another edition next year and are even considering a winter edition.

“I hope more people can now see that youth do give back to the community- even though a lot of negative attention is brought to the few youth who do not,” Loewen concluded.




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