Tache approves rezoning in Landmark

The RM of Tache has reversed its earlier decision to rezone almost two dozen properties along Main Street in Landmark.

The properties in question were rezoned several months ago from residential to commercial, allegedly without the homeowners permission. In March, the RM of Tache council was confronted by over a dozen homeowners from after it was discovered their properties had been rezoned allegedly without their knowledge.

While the rezoning itself raised questions, residents are further outraged to discover the change may have compromised their homeowners insurance coverage.

As a result the RM of Tache revisited their zoning plan and recently reversed their decision. A total of twenty-two properties have been rezoned from commercial to residential limited.

Resident Hetty Penner is pleased with the zoning change.

“This is more or less what we wanted,” stated Penner. “The RM of Tache should never have changed the zoning to begin with.”

Penner and Landmark resident David Sutherland are both instrumental in forcing the RM of Tache to deal with the situation. The pair separately approached the municipality in the spring after it was discovered the properties had been rezoned.

Sutherland says he is still concerned about the fact that residents were not properly notified about the changes in the first place but he is pleased the process has been reversed.


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