Stuartburn wants drought assistance

The RM of Stuartburn is going to the government and requesting consideration for a drought assistance program.

According to council, the RM of Stuartburn has experienced a lot of hardships in the past 12 months due to warmer than normal weather and less than normal precipitation.

No substantial rainfall has occurred this year and every resident of the municipality is being negatively affected for example shallow wells are dry, forcing resident to dig deeper, dugouts are dry and cattle have had to be moved to water, noted council.

“Pastures are dried up and brown, with farmers having to provide feed or sell some of their herd; hay production this season was approximately 25% of normal and while hay from other areas may be available, costs may also be prohibitive,” council added.

In addition drought conditions make more wildfires a certainty and the municipality has suggested owners protect their yard sites, which is another unexpected cost.

“Water is a necessity to fight fires by a landowner or a Fire Department,” council stressed.

As a result, the municipality has requested the province acknowledge that south eastern Maniotba is experiencing severe drought conditions and that government officials immediately examine the need for establishment of a 2012 Drought Assistance Program.

The RM of Stuartburn hopes that a program is established that will at least provide some financial relief to residents and farmers who require a new water source.

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