Renovations disrupt hospital service in Ste. Anne

Photo by Marianne Curtis

Services at the Ste. Anne Hospital have been greatly reduced to accommodate the completion of the new hospital expansion.  

By Marianne Curtis

For the next few months medical services normally offered at the St.AnneHospital will be disrupted. The service redirection was issued to accommodate ongoing construction of the Ste. Anne Hospital Surgical Project. The $14 million project was expected to be complete by the end of this year. However the project is now behind schedule and not expected to open until February 2013.

To accommodate the project the Southern Regional Health Authority is taking all measures to ensure all patients affected will receive safe care.

The service disruption began at the beginning of August. The Ste. Anne Hospital did not accept any hospital admissions and patients were transferred to the nearest available hospital bed. Maternity services were also moved to Bethesda Regional Health Centre in Steinbach.

For the month of September, the Ste. Anne Hospital will only be available for urgent care services only. The X-Ray Department will also be closed and patients needing xrays will be referred to a different location.

Emergency medical care is also affected and patients needing an ambulance will be taken to a different location. All surgeries are being performed in Steinbach until the new Ste. Anne Surgical area opens.

Lab services were not affected.

Once complete the $14.1 million project will have the current hospital expanded by sixty percent. The new facilities include two surgical suites, one room for scope procedures, a surgical recovery unit, sterilizing room, family room, staff change rooms and new electrical and mechanical space.



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