Purse snatcher targets MCC Thrift store

By Marianne Curtis

Shoppers heading to Steinbach’s MCC Thrift Store may want to hold onto their purses while browsing in the popular second hand store after a purse snatcher seems to have targeted bargain hunters.

On August 21 a young family from Mitchell was left stranded after the young mother’s purse was taken from her cart without her knowledge. When she went to speak to the MCC manager she was told this had happened before.

“I went to try on some stuff and when I reached for my purse to take it with me it was gone,” stated Vanessa Friesen. After searching unsuccessfully she went to the manager to report the alleged theft. “I was told this was the third week in a row this happened and that whoever was doing it was picking Tuesdays.”

Friesen says that MCC staff was very helpful but at the same time, seemed unconcerned.

“They told me to make a police report, which I tried to do,” Friesen continued. “I called the RCMP and they took down my license number in the event my license turned up but otherwise they didn’t seem to care.”

This attitude is concerning to Friesen considering it was a repeat incident at the store.

“I lost my purse, wallet, my identification, my cell phone and even my car keys – if it hadn’t been for someone in the store my daughter and I had no way home,” continued Friesen. “Now someone has my license complete with address and the keys to my house and vehicle; it really bothers me that under the circumstances the police were not more helpful or at least warning people this was happening.”

She also suggested that MCC post a warning to customers warning them to be more vigilant.

Steinbach RCMP was unable to confirm the alleged incidents. However they did advise shoppers to keep their valuables close to them and to not leave their purses unattended while shopping.

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