La Broquerie lagoon needs work

The RM of La Broquerie council will have to spend some money on the community lagoon after a recent report from Manitoba Water Stewardship.

RM of La Broquerie reeve Claude Lussier says that a report received by the municipality from Manitoba Water Stewardship outlines some general maintenance issues at the lagoon.

“The report indicates there is some cleanup that has to be done,” stated Lussier. Some of the issues are fairly minor. The report sites that a gate to the facility needs to be repaired and locked; and the fence around the lagoon has to be fixed.

The municipality will also have to work with the septic truck companies.

“We have to get information to make sure we know what is being dumped in the lagoon is from municipal residents,” Lussier continued.

The RM of La Broquerie has already squirreled away $50,000 to hire a company to clean the main cell of the lagoon.

“This has not been down for twenty-five years so it needs it very badly,” he added. Once the lagoon is dredged properly, the capacity is expected to increase up to 15%.


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