Coop expands further in St. Malo

St. Malo Coop has taken over the Maison-Chappel located at the corner of Highway #59 outside of St. Malo. A temporary station set up on Main Street is now closed.  

Over the past few months, residents in St. Malo have seen several changes to retail options after the St. Malo Co-op officially expanded services offered in the community.

At the beginning of July, the St. Malo Co-op took over the Coulombe Shop East building which was located right beside the Coop on Main Street in St. Malo. The new space has allowed the Co-op to expand the grocery portion of the business in one building and focus on hardware type items in the second building.

A third expansion took place in August when they took over the Diamondback Gas Bar located in the Maison-Chappel which is located near the entrance of the St. Malo Provincial Park along Highway #59.

Nearly a year ago, manager Rene Robidoux, was granted permission by the RM of De Salaberry to set up a temporary gas station at his business on St. Malo Street, in St. Malo. The application was granted to establish a temporary gas bar complete with above ground storage tanks after the community’s only gas station closed a few months earlier. This temporary station is now closed.

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