Super Walmart coming to town

Construction on the new Walmart in Steinbach is moving along fairly quickly.

Walmart Manager Kevin Evans says that the Super Walmart is expected to open in early 2013.

“We are leasing office space and when that is finalised we will be kicking off the hiring centre,” Evans says.

The company will be looking to fill 200 positions.

Meanwhile the City of Steinbach is still trying to get the Department of Highways to speed up intersection improvements along Highway 12 in front of the new stores location. The City of Steinbach blames the Manitoba Infrastructure and Transportation for being too slow to approve the plans.

Traffic is expected to increase significantly once the new store opens which could cause problems at the northern entrance to the store. The plans include improving the turning lanes and installing a set of traffic lights.


Super walmart.jpg

Photo by Marianne Curtis

The new Super Walmart in Steinbach is expected to be open in early 2013.


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