Record Foodgrains Harvest in Niverville

Fifteen combines came out to help the Niverville and District grow project harvest 264 acres of winter wheat for Canadian Foodgrains Bank.

By Marianne Curtis

Harvesting season has begun and the Niverville and District Canadian Foodgrains growing project recently broke its donation record after harvesting winter wheat.

On July 24, the project harvested 78.2 bushels an acre from its 264 acres of winter wheat. Sold for $7.25 a bushel to area farmers for animal feed, the crop produced about $150,000 for the Foodgrains Bank—their biggest donation since starting in 2000.

Ken Krahn, with the Niverville and District grow project was pleased with the groups contribution.

“Everything that came off was donated one hundred percent to Canadian Foodgrains,” Krahn stated. “I believe our last record was $100,000 so this was definitely a jump from that.”

On harvest day 15 combines and six grain cards participated in the afternoon harvest.

“It was a kind of party atmosphere with picnic tables and a bbq,” Krahn noted.

Canadian Foodgrains Bank is a partnership of Canadian church-based agencies working to end hunger in developing countries by increasing and deepening the involvement of Canadians, in an effort to end hunger.

Through the Canadian Foodgrains Bank (CFGB) a number of grain producers in the region donate portions of their crops, or planted specifically to support the program.

Nationally the CFGB has delivered $514,717,753 worth of programming and shipped 1,005,725 metric tonnes of food and seeds to 76 countries around the world.


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