Lightening strike home in Ile des Chenes

Fire crews from the RM of Ritchot, Tache and Town of Niverville all responded to a house fire north of Ile Des Chenes after lightening struck a house and set it on fire.



By Marianne Curtis

A sudden storm that blew into the Ile Des Chenes area during the morning of July 4 caused a little excitement north of town after a lightening strike set fire to a local residence.

Walter Van Gorp and his wife were on their deck enjoying a cup of coffee at about 9AM when the storm hit.

“We were sitting on the deck when we heard this deafening bang. I thought it hit one of the trees until I saw sparks falling off the roof onto the grass and my wife told me to call 911,” stated Van Gorp while he watched fire fighters sawing into his roof. “My wife couldn’t hear anything for awhile afterwards but otherwise we are okay.”

The retired dairy farmer marvelled how the lightening managed to hit the house considering the aesthetics the farm. The bungalow which is surrounded by over two dozen 25 foot high pines was one of the lowest points on the yard. Three silos adjacent to the old dairy barn which houses theWildlife Haven Rehabilitation Centre were also unscathed.

Firefighters from the RM of Ritchot, Tache and Niverville rushed to the scene and extinguished the fire that was burning the roof of the house.

A damage estimate is not yet available.




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