La Broquerie deals with dangerous dog

A Jack Russel Terrier deemed a dangerous dog in the RM of La Broquerie is now residing in the RM of Ste. Anne.

On July 11, the RM of La Broquerie council hosted a public meeting in regards to an alleged dangerous dog living in the municipality. According to council at least two individuals were bit by the dog, who is owned by Tonya Hann. After listening to the victims, the municipality deemed the pup a dangerous dog under Bylaw No 8-2006.

“It is council’s opinion that the dog in question is a danger to the community,” stated council. “The said dog, a Jack Russell Terrier has been declared a dangerous dog.”

Hann was served with a dozen conditions if she decided to keep the animal. These conditions include liability insurance, fencing, muzzling and obedience training. These conditions also included leaving a $1,000 bond with the municipality until the conditions were met. The impounded dog would also only be released to its owner when the conditions were met.

Council have her ten days to comply.

According to Reeve Claude Lussier, the owner complied to some of the conditions, picked up the dog and moved to Richer.

“She has taken her dog back and we have notified the RM of Ste. Anne that she has moved there,” stated Lussier. “I hope and pray that no one gets bit in Richer.”

The RM of La Broquerie has taken steps to make sure something like this doesn’t happen again. Council passed a new animal control bylaw. The municipality is using the Portage La Prairie dangerous dog bylaw as a template. Council expects to approve the new bylaw on August 15.


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