Students spread anti-smoking message

Students from the Steinbach Junior High created what is rated the best anti-tobacco video based on votes as part of an anti-tobacco video contest.

At the beginning of May, the province announced the Create and Rate anti-tobacco video contest. It was the province’s first student-produced, anti-tobacco video program and gave students across the province the opportunity to develop videos to discourage other youth from using tobacco.

A video created by Steinbach Junior High students called “Birthday Cakes” received the most overall votes of all the videos at a total of 41,508. As a result of this win, the school will receive an Apple IPad.
“Our goal was to give students a creative outlet to express their thoughts about smoking and making wise choices about tobacco use,” said Healthy Living Minister Jim Rondeau. “The first year of the contest has been a tremendous success, with 24 thought-provoking anti-tobacco videos submitted by Manitoba schools.”

Ten finalists were selected and internet users were given an opportunity to vote for their favourite video. Five were from middle school (junior high) students and five were put together by senior high students.  The ads were posted online and all Manitoba students in grades 5 to 12 could vote for the ad they like best.


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