Ste. Anne gives gravel company time to move

On June 7, the RM of Ste. Anne council held an emergency meeting to discuss a cease and desist order served against a gravel company operating next to Wild Oaks Campground.

The municipality confirms that the municipal bylaw office issued the order on June 1 to the owner and operator of “an unauthorized gravel operation“ located at PT SE 20-8-82. The order sited violations of conditions in Conditional Use order 03-2006.

“Council approves the municipal order issued on June 1,`stated the municipal minutes. After approving the order, the municipality amended the order to allow the storage of gravel extraction equipment and machinery on the property until the operator is able to find another location.

In a previous interview RM of Ste. Anne reeve Art Bergmann confirmed that an application to amend the initial conditional use permit has crossed his councils table but it was denied.

“We understood the pit was nearly depleted so we turned down the permit,` Bergmann stated. “Council was aware of an issue but they chose to drag their feet on the matter.“

Bergmann added that council was under the understanding that the gravel supply was gone and the company would move out. However a new vane of gravel was located by the company who allegedly started extracting the product despite council`s denying the permit.



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