Residential composting offered in St. Pierre

By Marianne Curtis

For the first time in rural Manitoba, an organic waste collection service will be offered to local residents. As of June 26, residents living in St. Pierre will be able to put their compostable materials out on the curb for pickup where it will be taken to a centralized composing location for future use.

The Village of St. Pierre-Jolys and RM of De Salaberry, have partnered with CDEM and Compo-Stages Manitoba Services Co-op to reduce the amount of waste transported to landfill sites, while reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

Ron Musick, Reeve for the RM of De Salaberry says this program will be great for the municipality.

“This is a fantastic opportunity for residents involved in composting by working together to make our communities a better place to live,” said Musick. “We are looking forward to seeing the results and being able to save money and resources while, at the same time, protecting the environment.”

The Village of St. Pierre-Jolys will be collecting organic matter and will be disposing of the waste in a specified composting site, located at the De Salaberry regional landfill.  The organic waste will then be turned into a high quality compost using its state-of-the-art windrow turner.

The RM of De Saleberry and Village of St. Pierre-Joly created this initiative as a result of a study back in 2008 on greenhouse gas emissions and many community consultations. The program is funded in part by the province’s Community-Led Emissions Reduction program (CLER) and by Environment Canada.

The first collection service took place June 26 in St. Pierre and be extended to communities in De Salaberry throughout summer and fall.


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