Piney approves dump plan

The RM of Piney council has made a decision on how they will proceed with a project expected to assist the municipality`s improvements to garbage disposal throughout the region.    In the middle of June, the RM of Piney council decided they would listen to their constituents and being the process required to improve the municipality`s waste management plan.

RM of Piney councilor Sian Barrow says council has listened to residents. At a public open house  in May residents were presented with four different solutions to the municipality’s waste management facilities. Participants strongly supported Option 3 as presented in a recent Waste Management Feasibility Study conducted by the municipality, Barrows noted.

Option three would establish three transfer stations at a cost of about $600,000 and close the existing five municipal landfills. It is the cheapest option under consideration but costs could escalate because a garbage hauling contract would be required to haul waste to facilities outside the municipality which could change whenever the contract is renewed, noted Barrow.

A few years ago, Manitoba Environment told the RM of Piney they needed to reduce the number of sites within the municipality. Council hired a consultant who has now come up with solutions so that decisions can be made before the province steps in and forces the municipality into action.

Currently there are five landfills, located in Piney, Sandilands, Menisino, Vassar and Sprague.



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