Niverville considers splash park

During the last month the Niverville Recreation committee has been doing exhaustive research into what it would take to construct a Splash Park at Hespeler Park based on a proposed plan.
According to Donna Watts, Director for Niverville’s Recreation committee, the main concern is that there is no town water supply or drainage at the proposed location.

“We priced out the cost of running town water there (approximately $240,000) and running a line to the sewer system for drainage (approximately $181,000). Using town water would also incur monthly water bill costs of approximately $8,000 (although this is a very unknown cost and would depend entirely on usage which could fluctuate greatly).

It could cost $240,000 to run water to the site, plus $181,000 for drainage. In addition it could cost about $8,000 a month for water bills, Watts noted.

The committee also considered using well water but concerns were raised about water pressure which could affect the flow to some of the special water features under consideration.

“We would hate to see the water just trickle out of those really cool features,” Watts added. In addition, hard water could stain and damage some of the features. Another option under consideration is the installation of a recirculation tank where water is treated and reused until the end of the day. This could cost about $100,000.

“Usually the cost of a project like this is 1/3 components (approx $70,000) and 2/3 installation (approx $140,000) when you have water and drainage available on site,” Watts continued. “As you can see, we are working with a lot of other variables that at this point in time make this project a lot more challenging and costly.”

The Niverville Recreation Committee is investigating all options to ensure the community would have a facility without a hefty price tag attached.
“We want to assure everyone that we are still looking into different options and grants, and are definitely open to suggestions or ideas,” invites Watts.



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Photo by Marianne Curtis

The Niverville Recreation Committee is looking into viable options that would see a splash park construction in Hespler Park.



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