Habitat homes underway in La Broquerie

Two Steinbach families will soon have new homes after Habitat for Humanity officially started construction on a duplex in La Broquerie at the beginning of June.

On June 6, the Southeast chapter for Habitat For Humanity officially started construction of a duplex on Habs Bay for two deserving families from Steinbach.

Selection Committee Chair Sheri Bueckert says nine families attended an information session in late January.

“Several families were really interested and there were some families too that have been waiting for this to come back to the Southeast,” says Bueckert. She believed that some of the families had applied prior to the southeast chapter of Habitat for Humanity becoming inactive back in 2006.

After a lengthy screening process two steinbach families were chosen including Veronica Banos and Maria Unrau.

“This is a big day for me because it’s a new life and a new house,” stated Banos. A single mother of three her family is currently living in a cramped two bedroom apartment in Steinbach. “We are very grateful.”

“We are very excited because our doctor things my kids are going to be healthier after we move out,” Unrau added. Also a single mom, Unrau lives in a mold invested house in Steinbach owned by Manitoba Housing.

While both families will receive a new home, the summer just got busier for the pair. As part of the commitment, each family must put in 300 hours working on their own home. The new homes are expected to be complete in about ten months.


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