Goertzen not impacted by Legislature break-in

Steinbach MLA Kelvin Goertzen says his office did not fall victim of a mid-June break-in at the Manitoba Legislature which resulted in the loss of several computers from various offices.

On June 14, the Manitoba Progressive Conservative Caucus arrived at work to discover that several offices within the provincial legislature had been burgled.

“The PC Caucus staff and MLAs discovered that a break-in occurred at some of our offices here at the Manitoba Legislature,” said a statement by Ralph Eichler, Chair of the Manitoba PC Caucus.  “Obviously this event is very disturbing and we will be cooperating fully with the authorities in order to resolve this crime. We will also seek to review the circumstances surrounding this event, so our MLAs and our staff can have confidence that the Manitoba Legislature is secure.”

Goertzen confirmed the break-in but his office was not directly impacted by the incident.

“My Legislature office is in a different part of the building from where the break-in occurred,” Goertzen stated. “The Legislature is generally a secured building, but the night that this happened was somewhat unique in that at least one of the secured doors was open a good deal of time to allow construction workers who were setting up scaffolding for an upcoming renovation easier access to bring in material.”

Goertzen says it was possible for someone to have gained access in this manner but there are also other ways as well including through the windows.

“Security continues its investigation and I understand will review in general issues of security in the building as a result of the break-in,” Goertzen added. “Certainly those MLAs who were directly impacted feel as any other victim of a break-in feel – including a sense of personal violation.”



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