Steinbach Promotes Emergency Preparedness

The second week of May was National Emergency Prepardness Week and the City of Steinbach used the event as an opportunity to promoted year-round preparedness among residents.

City of Steinbach’s Emergency measures coordinator Denis Vassart points out that preparedness is an issue that should be taken seriously all year, not just one week a year.

“Emergency preparedness is something every family should be practicing in their home,” said Vassart. “This includes things like purchasing a weather radio, planning a fire evacuation route, and packing a 72-hour emergency kit.”

Steinbach Mayor Chris Goertzen is pleased with the work that Vassart has done to ensure the safety of residents in the area.

“It is important for our families to prepare as best we can for any emergency situation,” said Goertzen. “As the City’s Emergency Coordinator, Denis Vassart has done an excellent job of providing Council and Steinbach residents with emergency preparedness information. I strongly encourage the public to educate themselves and utilize the preparedness information provided on the City’s website.”

The City of Steinbach has compiled a list of important information on their website which is not only a benefit to local residents. It can be a valuable information tool for residents from throughout the region.

“Citizens can not only access information and brochures that will help them prepare for different emergency situations, but they can also educate themselves on the City’s emergency plans,” Vassart added.
On there is a variety of emergency planning brochures and documents, as well as links to other federal emergency preparedness websites.


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