Reynolds establishes emergency response team

On May 17, the RM of Reynolds passed adopted their first emergency plan. The plan was established as a result of the provincial requirement that all municipalities develop a working emergency plan.

According to Marc Lavergne with the RM of Reynolds, the municipality now has a volunteer team charged with the responsibility of responding to an emeregency or disaster in the RM of Reynolds.

“Their aim is to ensure that the effects of an emergency or disaster on the RM of Reynolds and its inhabitants are minimized, the protection and preservation of health, property and environment – the restoration of essential services,“ stated Levergne.

It was noted that each municipality is impacted by a disaster in different ways. In 1996, 1997 and 1998 the RM of Reynold`s oversaw the implementation of flood protection resources. Any future disasters will fall under the jurisdiction of the Local Emergency Response Control Group (LERCG).  Members of the group consist of Phyllis Creedon, Elda Dolynchuk, Allan Kelly, Blanche Lavergne, Marc Lavergne and Gail Wasylnuk.

The RM of Reynolds new emergency plan will also assist the committee with dealing with grass and forest fires, dangerous goods spills and trail derailments.


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