Reforesting takes place in Vassar and Sandilands

By Marianne Curtis

Two areas of forest in the southeast will see new growth after reforesting crews  moved into the area and planted 800,000 trees near Vassar and the Sandilands.

Over forty Moose Creek Reforestation employees called Sprague and Woodridge home during two separate one month long planting projects. The group spent two months replanting hundreds of acres of crown land specifically in two areas was ravaged by several forest fires a few years ago.

Jessica Valleau from Toronto never heard of Sprague before coming out to plant trees in Vassar.

“We’ve really enjoyed our stay – the people have been really friendly and welcoming,” Valleau praised.

At the end of April, the group spent two weeks replanting 4,000 hectares of forest near Vassar. Between 50,000 and 80,000 Red Pine, White Spruce and Jack Pine were replanted per day. This piece was destroyed in May 2007 after a wild fire tour through the area, narrowly missing the community.

The planters then moved their camp to Woodridge and spent two weeks replanting 8,000 hectares of Sandilands forest, which was destroyed in a fire back in May 2008.

Coincidentally as the groups were finishing planting over 800,000 trees, forest fires tore through the area again, in different locations.


Photo by Marianne Curtis

Courtney Penner of Kitchener, Ontario were two of over four dozen tree planters who spent two months in the Vassar and Sandilands areas replanting trees. 



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