Pallister tours southeast

By Marianne Curtis

On May 14, Brian Pallister made his rounds to several southern communities in hopes of gaining support for his bid as leader of the Progressive Conservative Party.

Pallister started his one day tour in Sprague where he met with a small group of supporters before moving on to Vita. His final stop for the day was at the New Horizons Club in Grunthal where he was greeted by about a dozen supporters.

“We had a smaller than expected crowd in Sprague due to the fires in the area but it was still a good meeting,” stated Pallister.

Pallister is making his way through the province while attempting to rally supporters before the July leadership nomination deadline. Unless contested, Pallister will be declared party leader for the next provincial election at that time.

“I need help building a real team where people in Manitoba matter and when we win it will be with people with experience,” Pallister stated. “Our party must reflect the values of the entire country not just a few.”

Pallister feels those values are at risk in the hands of the current government, especially after the recent Jets ticket scandal. Earlier in May it was discovered that several NDP cabinet ministers accepted coveted Jets tickets from crown corporations while average hockey fans were left watching games from home.

“It’s not just about Jets tickets; it’s about telling the truth – strike one,” Pallister continued. “The current government broke election rules by campaigning during the election and said “they didn’t know”; then Premier Selinger ran on the platform of no tax increases and the recent budget we ended up with the highest taxes per average household in Canada – if this was a baseball game it would be three strikes and you are out.”

Pallister is confident that given the chance, the province will thrive under PC leadership.

“The Filmon cabinet was the best cabinet to date,” Palliser added. “The hardest part is that we have to put up with the NDP government for another three years.”

Pallister is a former high school teacher, businessman and a former provincial cabinet member. Currently, he resides in Winnipeg with his wife and two daughters.

Brian Pallister spoke to a dozen supporters recently at the Horizon Seniors Centre in Grunthal.


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