Out of the Blue gala celebrates creative awareness

By Marianne Curtis

South Eastman’s Regional Suicide Prevention Committee is ecstatic over the success of it’s second “Out of the Blue Campaign”. At the end of May, the organization hosted the “blue gala” where schools, communities and individuals were recognized for doing their bit in raising awareness on suicide prevention.

The South Eastman Regional Suicide Prevention Committee was busy during the month of April addressing suicide prevention. The objective of the program is to increase awareness and develop broad-based support for positive mental health. A variety of activities and programs were launched throughout the region to bring awareness in suicide prevention where it is needed most.

At a special gala, two hundred and forty guests dressed in blue came out to celebrate as awards were handed out to a number of groups and individuals.

Deb Enns, Regional Mental Health Program Manager with South Eastman Health says that while many people were recognized during the evening, the real winners were local residents.

“South Eastman Health is very proud to have joined all of our Gala guests, sponsors and honoured guests in delivering such extraordinary support for the “Out of the Blue” campaign and its crucial work in accelerating a new voice for mental health to support those living with mental illness and opening dialogue about suicide,” said Enns

The Steinbach Regional Secondary School and Roseau River School were among the stars of the evening after winning awards in categories including Blue Day, Blue Lunch, Blue Expressions and many others.

Individuals from the community were also awarded prizes for literary and visual contributions. Businesses including St. Pierre Big Way Foods, and the Ste. Agathe Community Committee were winning participants.

South Eastman’s Regional Suicide Prevention Committee is already reviewing the campaign and preparing to re-launch an even bigger project next year.

Photo by Marianne Curtis

St. Pierre Bigway manager Mark Duddridge shows off the Blue Gelato his store offered as part of their “Out of the Blue Campaign”.


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