Local Memoir Success in the Numbers

Finding Gloria, a memoir written by Dawson Trail Dispatch journalist Marianne Curtis is gaining readers on a global scale with both her printed version and online edition.

“I’m humbled by how many people want to read about my personal journey,” says Curtis. “I’ve received and shipped orders to Europe, Australia, and all over North America in the short time since its launch.”

The book critically looks at her life and the hurdles she has overcome to achieve a personal success, a place she describes as being comfortable and accepting of who she is.

With sales topping 1,000 copies in less than a couple of weeks, and book launch events from Landmark, Lorette, Steinbach and even McNally Robinson Book Sellers, she is trying to deal with her authored success and recognition. Recently, CJOB has even invited her to be the guest author on their weekly call in show “The Book Club.”

“Who knew? I wrote the book as a form of therapy, to finally air out the demons of my past. Now to receive letters and emails from readers explaining how I have somehow inspired or helped them cope with their lives… it’s very humbling,” explains Curtis. “People I speak to at the events feel comfortable to speak about their own lives, some of this information they have kept bottled up for years. They say my book is giving them the strength to open up.”

If there ever was a book that dusted off all the skeletons in the closet, Finding Gloria is achieving that status. A Winnipeg launch is taking place June 19, at McNally Robinson Bookstores in the Travel Alcove at 7:30 PM.

On May 22, Curtis published a second book called Moondust and Madness: A collection of poetry. While Finding Gloria is her healing process, this compellation was written “in the moment”.

“Most people find others to talk to – I was ashamed of my life so I hid and wrote. Sometimes my thoughts were so garbled, I could only write poems,” Curtis adds.  She has pledged $5 from each edition sold will go towards organizations like Kids Help Phone and Agape House.

A summer tour is being scheduled which will include appearances at tradeshows, area farmers markets and festivals such as Pioneer Days, St. Pierre Frog Follies, Niverville Ole Tyme Fair, Vita Canada and Dawson Trail Days to name a few. Anyone wishing to book an appearance can email mariannecurtis.author@gmail.com for more information.


Bill and Karren Kanda, Marianne Curtis’ birth uncle and aunt surprised the author by driving from Edmonton Alberta to celebrate the launch of Finding Gloria.




Finding Gloria is available online on Amazon and Amazon Kindle, mariannecurtis.wordpress.com and McNally Robinson in Winnipeg. An electronic version is also available for download at all libraries. Exclusive local retailers are also carrying the memoir, including St. Pierre Bigway, Horbec Fine Foods in Vita, Sundown Store, Vassar Corner Store, West Hawk Inn, Ile Des Chenes Coop, and Marchand Grocery. More locations are in the works including in St. Adolphe, Niverville, Ste. Anne, La Broquerie, Landmark, Lorette and Steinbach.


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  1. Joe Hrechanyk

    My dear Marianne – I am so proud to be your Aunt and so sorry that you walked the road to Hell during your childhood. I finished your book in less than two days, and cried a million tears all the way through it. I would like to send you a letter, because I need to express my feelings to you privately.

    I am so ashamed of the two people who took you into their lives and treated you worse than a cinder maid. How could they call themselves parents? Why did this go on and on? Why did no one put a stop to it? I want to assure you that not all the Hrechanyk family are just as crazy as they were.

    Please send my your address, so that I can send you a letter straight from my heart. God bless you my dear. I hope you can put the past behind you and begin to live a life full of all the blessings that you so deserve.

    Hope to hear from you soon.

    Your Aunt Mary. My mailing address is 58 Barron St. Welland Ont. L3C 2K5 I want to have a copy of your book of poems also, my dear. Let me know when it is published and how I can get a copy.