Health authority renamed; New CEO announced

By Marianne Curtis

When it comes to health care in the region it is business as usual despite a number of changes at the administration level. The province has announced that South Eastman Health, which recently merged with Central Region will now be known as the Southern Regional Health Authority. Along with the name change came the appointment of a new chief administrator.

Residents within the region will have to get used to a new name now that South Eastman Health has merged with Central Region.

The merger comes with a name change to Southern Regional Health Authority and the province has named Kathy McPhail as the new chief executive officer for Manitoba’s new Southern Regional Health Authority. McPhail previously served as CEO with the Central authority for the past five years.

Former South Eastman Health administrator John Stinson has been named as the new chief executive officer of the Interlake-Eastern RHA, formerly known as the Interlake RHA and North Eastman Health Authority

“I’m very much looking forward to the challenge and opportunity of that job and working with the people in that region,” Stinson says “But South Eastman has been a great experience for me.”

As of May 18, South Eastman Health ceased to exist after the board voted unanimously to merge with Central Region. The province mandated the merger after making the decision to reduce the number of regional health authorities from eleven to five. Manitoba Health anticipates a reduction of 30-35 corporate RHA positions across the province through the mergers, with these administrative savings redirected into supporting front line care.

The new amalgamated Southern Regional Health Authority is the second largest region population wise, but has the smallest geographical area. Central District is based in Portage la Prairie and includes Carman, Morden Winkler and Altona.

During the next month, the newly appointed chief executive officers will be working with interim boards until the province appoints new members.


Kathy McPhail is the newly appointed chief executive officer after the province merged South Eastman Health and Central Health Authorities to form the new Southern Regional Health Authority.


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