Dogs find forever homes

By Marianne Curtis

Several dozen dogs languishing in rescue shelters found their forever homes as a result of the first annual doggy adoption fair which took place in Niverville in the beginning of May.

On May 12, over a thousand perspective pet owners attended the first ever Niverville Dog Adoption Fair. The event, a first of its kind to be held in the province took place on the grounds of the community’s arena.

Organizer Barry Piasta is pleased with the result of his first adoption fair.

“We had twenty-three dogs adopted on Saturday and the next day another was adopted by someone who heard about the pup at the fair,” Piasta stated. “Another dozen are pending home visits and reference checks, appointments were made to see dogs on the picture wall so all in all forty-one dogs were adopted.”

Piasta says the event was such a success he plans on doing it again next year.

“Each year, hundreds of thousands of dogs are euthanized because people prefer going to pet stores and puppy mills to get dogs – meanwhile there are so many wonderful dogs waiting to be rescued,” Piasta passionately adds. “Both my dogs are rescues and they are wonderful additions to our family.”

Allyson Coleman-Berard from Winnipeg was one of the many people looking for a pet at the adoption fair.

“I am looking for a therapy dog,” stated Coleman-Berard, who works with children who are abused. She went home with an adorable pup which she will train to work with the kids.

Jenny Plett and her family from Landmark took home a “foster” puppy.

“We already have a dog but we promised our children we would do what we can to get a dog out of the shelters until it finds a new home,” added Plett. “Since becoming a dog owner we’ve become more aware of how much a dog becomes family and we think it’s important to teach our children how to be responsible pet owners.”

Rescue shelters who attended the event included Manitoba Mutts, Manitoba Underdogs, Safe Haven, Great Pyrenees, Boston Terrier and Pug Rescue of Southern Manitoba, Manitoba Pug, Winnipeg Boxer Rescue, Hulls Haven Border Collie, German Shephard Rescue, Manitoba Small Dog Rescue, Winnipeg Animal Services and Winnipeg Humane Society.

Adoption fees and what the fee includes will be set by each individual rescue in attendance.

Not only is the purpose of the event to find homes for dogs, but it is also an opportunity to educate and have fun. There was a question and answer period with a vet, trainer and groomer, promotions for spay and neuter, a pet photographer, and displays all related to pet care and products.


Allyson Coleman-Berard from Winnipeg attended the Niverville Adoption Fair to find a puppy to train as a therapy dog for abused children.


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