Carriere conquers Carstensz Pyramid

Dean Carriere and his team perch on the summit of Carstensz Pyramid in Papua New Guinea for a group picture.

By Marianne Curtis

A construction worker from Ile des Chenes man recently returned from the adventure of a lifetime after he trekked through the jungle with a troupe of aboriginals then successfully conquered one of the highest summits in the world.

In April, Dean Carriere made his way to Papau, Indonesia where he joined a group of climbers who took on and conquered the 16,023 foot high Carstensz Pyramid. The Carstensz Pyramid, located in Papua New Guinea, is a large limestone escarpment jutting out above the rainforest.

According to Carriere, the journey consisted of a trek through the wet rainforest jungle for 6 days to get to the base and 3 days to return. As for the actual climb, it took the group about twelve hours to rope their way to the top and back down.

When the group arrived to their initial destination they were greeted by two different aboriginal tribes who clambered for the opportunity to be their guides. Over two dozen locals were selected to act as guides. They along with their families led the climbers through the jungle living on white rice and chicken cooked on the first day.

“We lived on plain white rice or sweet potatoes,” explained Carriere. “The return trip should have taken us six days but I had enough and I wanted to get out of there as quickly as possible,” Carriere stated.

Carriere says the entire experience is something he will never forget.

“It was a good trip – going in I knew what to expect but at the same time it was freaky to know that people live like this,” he added.

In July he plans to conquer Elbrus in Russia and in December he wants to head to Vinson Massif in the Antarctica. His last challenge will be to conquer Everest, which he is confident will present minimal challenge.

“Some of the climbers in our group were on their seventh mountain – they’d already done Everest,” Carriere continued. “They said if I could do the Pyramid, which I didn’t find too hard, I would have no problem with Everest.”

Carriere maintains this positivity even though three climbers, including a Canadian died at the end of May attempting to climb Everest.

“The deaths on Everest this year does not affect my desire to climb it,” Carriere adds. “It is all a matter of being fully prepared and ready with a great team and a great guiding company.”

Carriere has already proved to be up to the challenge. To date he has reached the summits of Aconcagua, Kilimanjaro and Denali.

Anyone wanting to be a part of this excited adventure can check out Dean’s progress and plan at

Dean Carriere and his team perch on the summit of Carstensz Pyramid in Papua New Guinea for a group picture.



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