Calling all teams for the St. Labre 200

By Marianne Curtis

The St. Labre 200 is taking place next month and organizers are encouraging all communities and companies of southern Manitoba to assemble a team of highly creative, mechanically inclined, competitive people that love a challenge and having a good time.

The 4annual St. Labre 200 go-kart build off competition is a challenge where fourteen teams to build their own go-karts within 24 hours.  Each team is given basic materials along with their own basic framing materials. They are then challenged to build go-karts from scratch on the first day and race their new creations the next day in a fast paced nail biting 200 lap race on a quarter mile dirt track.  The winner earning the right to hoist the Best Sleep Centre Sparkplug Cup.

François Grenier one of the organizers of the race.

“We are very surprised at how quick the teams have been registering, considering the only advertising as of now has been through word of mouth, the website and a sign in La Broquerie”  said Grenier. “We are looking forward to another fun weekend.”

The St. Labre 200 has also become a successful annual fundraiser. Over the past three years $15,000 has been donated to organizations throughout the region. This year fundraises raised over the weekend will support East Borderland Community Housing in Sprague, two daycares including Treasure Keepers Children’s Centre and Les P’tits Brisous.

Deadline for team registration is June 15. Teams are accepted in order of fully paid registration with a deadline of June 15th.  The registration fee is $800 and includes most parts needed to build a cart (engine, sprocket, wheels, bearings, clutch etc) but does exclude the framing material.   The whole list of material can be found on their website  At the end of the weekend, teams can keep their go-cart.

The St. Labre 200 will take place July 13to July 15. The main race takes place Saturday evening and followed up with two amazing local bands:  Hoppin’ Hedges and Bottle Jaw.  The evening is topped off with the biggest firework show in the South East sponsored by Red Bomb.


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