Bethesda Hospital entrance moved

   Reconstruction of the Bethesda Hospital Emergency Room has begun and as a result access public access to the facility has been relocated for the duration of the project.

   As of the middle of May, patients requiring treatment at the Bethesda Hospital’s emergency room can no longer access the facility through the front entrance. On May 14, phase one of the Bethesda Hospital’s $22 million redevelopment of the emergency department began, subsequently affecting where people can enter the facility.

   During this phase of the project, the front entrance of the hospital has been moved to the back ramp located on Hospital Street. Public parking has also relocated to the back of the hospital closer to this relocated entrance way.

   Workers will continue to renovate 365 Reimer to accommodate the temporary ER for sometime in June, 2012. The entire emergency room reconstruction project is expected to take two years and the new emergency room is expected to open in the summer of 2014.

   The Bethesda Hospital Emergency Department will remain open during the entire redevelopment project.

   Once complete the new emergency room will be a significant improvement. The current facility occupies about 2,200 square feet of Bethesda Hospital. The new emergency room will be 14,000 square feet and offer both urgent and non-urgent.



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