Stuartburn loses councillor

The RM of Stuartburn council has called for an August bi-election after the recent resignation of long time councillor Dan Bodz.

As of March 26, Bodz stepped down from his position as councillor for the RM of Stuartburn after serving several consecutive terms. Not only was he an active member of council but was also a dedicated volunteer actively involved throughout the community. Some of these activities included volunteering for the Vita Fire Department, Gardenton Museam, Vita Canada Day, the Gardenton Mud bog and Demo derby to name just a few.

Bodz stepped down from the position after his wife Larissa was recently named as the new chief administrator for Lynn Lake. The community of Vita is feeling the loss of the couple as they were both active volunteers for a number of groups and organizations.

A bi-election to fill the now vacant position will take place in Vita on August 29.


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