Steinbach honoured by AMM

The City of Steinbach’s Class 1 Disposal ground was recently recognized as an example of environmental responsibility by the Association of Manitoba Municipalities when it helped earn the city the coveted Municipal Excellence Award.

The Association of Manitoba Municipalities (AMM) presented the 8th Annual Municipal Excellence Award during the Municipal Officials Seminar (MOS) on April 12 in Brandon. A panel of three judges examined six submissions using criteria including creativity, cost effectiveness, sustainability, and overall benefit to the municipality.

The award recognizes municipal best practices and provides a venue for AMM members to share their ideas with other municipalities.

AMM President Doug Dobrowolski says the submissions are judged on a variety of factors including creativity, cost-effectiveness, and sustainability. And while the award recipient is publicly recognized, other communities benefit as well.

“What we find year after year is the winning projects often go on to become a model for other municipalities, who can look at the projects as a template to achieve success without reinventing the wheel,” stated Dobrowolski.  “This facility is much more than a waste disposal ground, it’s a state-of-the-art operation that provides the community with a place to dispose of their waste materials in an environmentally responsible manner.”

Mayor Chris Goertzen was on hand to receive the award.

“This project has given us another 22 years of life in our landfill, not just for our municipality but for a number of others who use this facility,” he said.   “We do want to build a city of excellence and this project is an incredibly important piece of the puzzle.”

The community has embraced the city’s mandate to encourage waste reduction, along with its message to “Reduce, Reuse, Recycle, and Refuse”. As a result, even though Steinbach and area is one of the fastest growing areas in Manitoba, there continues to be a drop in tonnage entering the facility five years in a row.

“Statistics show Steinbach and area to consistently be one of the best recycling areas in Manitoba,” says Dobrowolski. “This is a municipality that is working hard to achieve environmental sustainability over the long-term, which has a very direct benefit on the people who live there. That is true leadership.”


AMM President Doug Dobrowolski presenting the Municipal Excellence Award to Steinbach Mayor Chris Goertzen.



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