Piney dumps up for discussion

The RM of Piney encourages residents from throughout the municipality to attend an upcoming public open house to discuss the future of the municipality’s solid waste facilities.

A public open house is taking place May 24 at the Vassar Community Hall. Members of council will present four different solutions to the municipality’s waste management facilities. Currently there are five landfills, located in Piney, Sandilands, Menisino, Vassar and Sprague.

RM of Piney Reeve Duane Boutang says that ratepayers are encouraged to come express their opinions on this significant project.

“This is an information meeting – we as a council have to make a decision on our dumps before the province has a chance to step in and make the decision for us,” explained Boutang. “We want a shovel ready project so we can apply for infrastructure funding.”

A few years ago, Manitoba Environment told the RM of Piney they needed to reduce the number of sites within the municipality. Council hired a consultant who has now come up with solutions.  According to councilor Sian Barrow, the municipality has received four different options for consideration but it will be up to the ratepayers to influence council’s final decision.

Option one, would make all five sites compliant to provincial regulations including pit improvements and construction of a lechate pit would cost estimated at $1.1 million. The municipality would continue to have five dump locations and hire attendants.

Option number two consists of constructing one class 2 facility at a cost of about $1.2 million. Overall waste management costs would be greatly decreased, however ratepayers would have to travel long distances to dispose of their trash once a location was decided, Barrows noted.

“The landfill would do for about twenty-five years which means we can control things such as costs and materials,” explained Barrow. “With transfer stations there will be costs associated that we cannot predict such as hauling contracts.”

The third option for consideration would establish five transfer stations at a cost of about $600,000. It is the cheapest option under consideration but costs could escalate because a garbage hauling contract would be required to haul waste to facilities outside the municipality which could change whenever the contract is renewed.

The fourth option under consideration is the construction of a regional transfer station at about $164,000. The municipality would then consider curbside pickup. All these proposals are based on preliminary estimates and not the final prices. The option estimates also do not include decommissioning of the existing five facilities.

RM of Piney residents can have their say by attending a public open house May 24 at the Vassar Community Hall from 2PM to 4PM and 6:30PM to 9PM.


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